Dark Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

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Signs and wonders can deceive …

Devastated by a heartbreaking loss, empath, Joe Ross accepts a strange, hypnotic priest’s invitation to convalesce at a Quebec monastery. When Joe admits he heard voices as a kid, directing him to save a child in a place called Marion Lake, the priest says, “I will bring you to Marianlake Dominican Monastery. A child lives nearby, a child who’s waited a long time to meet you.”

Inside a world of supernatural confrontation and demonic cutthroats, an engaging cast of characters draw Joe closer to the discovery of a lifetime: the mystical child, Alain Duprielle; Dina Amodeo, the softhearted rocker with a dissociative identity; Carol Ann Page, love of his life, a woman capable of destroying them both; Maggie Page, the great catalyst, the artist whose horrific drawings lead to a long-lost friend and a world-rocking document.

Below the cover of darkness and above a mantle of light, Joe faces a showdown with an old demonic enemy. In a land more inscrutable than Marianlake, he uncovers the startling secret behind three soul-saving paintings. And when events explode in a surprising climax, Joe Ross finds his destiny—and a gift for humanity. But he must outwit the forces of Hell to get it.

DARK ANGELS PREY … a stand-alone tale of supernatural suspense.


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1 review for Dark Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    I loved the book, a real page turner. The characters jumped off the page as if they were in front of you telling the story

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