A fear, a thought, a sacred shaft of sun
lures spirit through century-old gates
where golden welcomes wait and reason,
and coming dreams like milky straits
cast forward baited lines of jasmine.
To walk the shores toward hallowed fate
stills unease behind eyes that pardon
a life of sin and acts of penance late.

Awakening to stroke shoulder and sinew
and fragrant breath; a feather on feather.
Periwinkle eyes flash bold with rue;
mistakes made long ago­—forgive kind sir.
No judgment he states, to self no offence;
just kindness and peace with which to offer
Him for a herald’s pledge of lasting presence.
Yes, the answer; forever thank-you, dear healer.

Sunrise fog of blue and feathery caresses
anoint the soul with ancient perfumed memories,
measuring the day by spoons of gladness.
Glorious birds soar, circling cotton clouds and trees
with expanded wings toward bidding boundaries, airless.
Doors ajar for fresh horizons bring journeys and
chance to renew from Spirit to spirit; precious.
Now come night and wonder etched in God’s nursing hand!

–Elizabeth Genovese