Dark Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

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Miracles drive him.  Demons stalk him …

After a crushing loss, empath, Joe Ross, accepts a strange, hypnotic priest’s invitation to recover at a Quebec monastery, a place infested with supernatural blight and demonic cutthroats.

“A child waits for you there,” the priest says, “a child who’s waited a long time to meet you.”

At Marianlake Dominican Monastery, Joe bonds with Alain, the mystical child, battles with Carol Ann, love of his life, and connects with Maggie–the great catalyst, the artist whose paintings hold the key to a startling secret and a world-rocking document.

And in a land more inscrutable than Marianlake, events explode in a surprising climax when Joe unlocks the secret and discovers a gift for humanity.

But he must outwit the forces of Hell to get it.

DARK ANGELS PREY … a standalone tale of supernatural suspense.


Christine Lowe rated it.  It was amazing.

Humans, Angels and Demons

This book can be read on a deeply spiritual level or as a fantastical telling of how a dozen people are able to journey back two thousand years. However you choose to read it, this is a great piece of storytelling. The characters are diverse and well developed. The story is complex and so well written, I felt like I was part of the story or maybe I just wished I was part of the story. There is a strong theme of good versus evil. I was definitely rooting for each character to be strong enough to make the decision that would change their life and the lives of others.

This is a saga of over 800 pages. If you’re willing to stay the course, this book will have you asking questions. If you’re looking for a fast, easy read, this book is not for you. My advice is read this book, it could change your point of view.




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3 reviews for Dark Angels Prey (Kindle Edition)

  1. Shirley

    I loved the book, a real page turner. The characters jumped off the page as if they were in front of you telling the story

  2. Jerry M

    If only I could be Joe Ross for one day! A great supernatural ride!

  3. Terry

    Loved the book, loved the characters, and the imaginative plot and settings blew me away! This book will stick in my head a long time.

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