The Astral Shore (Kindle Edition)

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He has the fame … She has the power

Troubled model, Laurel Ariss, hires a psychic to prove that she and British rock star, Mark Grant, are sharing the same dreams. Desperate to have Mark in the real world, Laurel risks sanity and soul to get him there. But when the astral lovers finally meet at an exclusive party, psychic Michael Johnstone warns her that dark waters lay ahead— relationships disintegrate on this side of the curtain.

Afraid the psychic is right—Mark’s love is fading faster than a passing thought—Laurel schemes to force his affection. But love comes with unexpected twists, unexpected lessons, and desires of the heart involve sacrifice. Is a selfish woman capable of a selfless act of love? In the face of tragic consequences, Laurel and Mark return to the astral world one last time.

A world where a clean escape is one thing and surviving the phenomenon in the real world is another.

THE ASTRAL SHORE — a stand-alone tale of supernatural suspense.




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2 reviews for The Astral Shore (Kindle Edition)

  1. Shirley

    When I first started reading the book I was not sure. ‘Boy’ was I wrong. Loved, Loved, Loved it.

  2. Sandra

    The nuance of astral travel will keep you turning the page. Genovese does an excellent job enticing the reader to follow the characters as they become aware of their present relationship and the link to the past that governs their final journey. Her characters are strong, description colourful and a story that is well rooted.

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